How to Make Your Mystic Tan Last Longer: A Step-By-Step Guide

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People who have tried Mystic Tan will tell you that it can last five to seven days before starting to fade. However, for some people, it doesn’t last as long which can be frustrating if you have a major event coming up and you need the extra glow.

If you want to know how to make your Mystic Tan last longer, you’re in the right place.

If you follow this step-by-step guide, your Mystic Tan can last for anywhere from seven to ten days.

Here’s everything you should do to make your Mystic Tan last longer.

Step 1: Prepare Your Skin Before Tanning

Many first-timer tanners are unaware that in order for your tan to last as long as possible, it’s important to wax and exfoliate before you tan.

Those two factors alone can have a huge effect on the longevity of your tan.

When it comes to waxing, make sure you wax 24 hours before your tanning appointment, in order to give your skin time to heal.

Make sure to take a warm shower after you wax to ensure that any remaining wax is thoroughly removed and won’t interfere with your tan.

As tedious as exfoliation can sometimes be, it’s an important pre-tan step that you shouldn’t ignore.

Exfoliate at least four hours before you apply Mystic Tan so that your skin is smooth and absorbs the tan more effectively.

The type of exfoliant you use is important to think about. Your best bet is to go for an oil-free formula that won’t interfere with a spray tan.

My #1 Exfoliator Recommendation

Bondi Sands Coconut & Sea Salt Body Scrub

Self-tan friendly – won’t interfere with tanning formula

Oil-free formula

Leaves skin soft and smooth

Lastly, before you enter the tanning studio, make sure your skin is completely clean of any form of moisturizer, makeup, etc. You want to make sure there is no barrier between the spray tan and your skin.

Step 2: Go for Loose-Fitting Clothes

What you wear after a spray-tan is incredibly important if you want to ensure your Mystic Tan lasts as long as possible.

You’ll need to change your clothes after getting your body tanned to something loose and breathable so that the spray doesn’t stick to your clothes and wear away.

Steer clear from:

  • Yoga pants, leggings, tights, etc.
  • Tight t-shirts
  • Anything that’s snug fitting

Instead of those items, you can always wear a black t-shirt dress with a pair of flip-flops or sandals. If you must wear a bra, try to opt for a strapless one if possible.

My go-to post-tanning outfit is this loose, flowy, bell-sleeve dress in black.

bell sleeve black dress

BELONGSCI Women’s Bell Sleeve Shift Dress


  Easy to wash

  Breathable fabric

  Stylish and comfortable

Step 3: Don’t Spend Too Much Time in The Shower

After you get your tan, this is when the real challenge begins.

Everything you do from now on could make or break your tanning, and, sometimes, it’s as simple as taking a hot shower or a too-long bath.

As a general rule, try to keep your showers short so that the water doesn’t dry your skin and strip it of its tan too soon. The same goes for hot baths, swimming in chlorinated pools, or spending too long in seawater.

Step 4: Don’t Use Harsh Cosmetics on Your Skin

You can wear makeup after a tan, but you should wait 6-8 hours after receiving your tan before application.

When taking a shower, it’s always a better idea to use gentle soaps, shower gels, or shampoos as they’ll be soft on your skin.

Products that include moisturizing elements are your best friends at this point!

On the contrary, harsh cosmetics could cause your tan to flake off faster. Also, scrubbing your body vigorously with any type of exfoliator should be avoided, as you may rub off your tan.

Step 5: Apply Moisturizer Every Day

This is a tip that many people forget or ignore, but it can greatly boost the lifetime of your mystic tan, or any spray tan.

Moisturizer will ensure your skin remains smooth and healthy, and it’ll keep dryness at bay.

As a result, your tan won’t be rubbed off as easily, and your skin will appear sun-kissed for a week or even more.

Just remember that your body should stay moisture-free for four hours after you’re done getting a tan.

This includes sweat-inducing activities, lotions and creams, showers, and the like. Your skin needs some time to absorb the tanning formula.

moisturizing legs

Step 6: Steer Clear of Saunas and Steam Rooms

If you’re tanning before a wedding or a special vacation, we know going to the spa and relaxing inside a sauna can feel heavenly before your big event.

But, that shouldn’t happen after your tanning session.

All that steam and sweat will cause your tan to fade and wear off unevenly, leaving you looking patchy.

If you wish to enjoy a few moments of peace inside the steam room, arrange for this before you get your tan.

Step 7: Keep Skin-to-Skin Contact to a Minimum

After getting Mystic Tan applied to your skin, friction is an enemy that you should avoid at all costs so that your perfect glow doesn’t fade in a couple of days.

For that reason, it’s best not to cross your legs or arms or rub your skin against itself to keep the tan intact for as long as possible.

Step 8: Use a Gradual Tanner to Slow Down the Fading Process

If the tan is beginning to fade away and you need it to last just a little longer, you could use the help of a gradual tanner.

All you’ll have to do is apply this tanning lotion the same way you’d rub moisturizer on your skin.

The Bottom Line

Knowing how to make your Mystic Tan last longer isn’t as difficult as it may sound. While there are some steps involved, the whole process isn’t that hard to keep up with.

As long as you follow the tips we’ve outlined above, your spray tan should last for more than seven days.

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