Should You Tan Before Going to Mexico?

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If you’re planning a vacation to Mexico, you may be wondering if you should tan before your trip. Many a person has had their vacation ruined by a painful, blistering sunburn, which is a club you don’t want to join. So how can you avoid that?

Should you tan before going to Mexico? No, you should not tan before going to Mexico. Getting a “base tan” before going to Mexico won’t prevent you from getting a sunburn.

Is It Smart To Tan Before Going on Vacation?

It’s not smart to tan in a tanning bed before going on vacation. There’s a long-standing myth that laying in a sunbed and getting a “base tan” will help to prevent sunburn.

Unfortunately, scientists have proven that to be false.

A base tan provides almost zero protection against future sun exposure and actually increases your risk of skin cancer (1).

Alternatives to Tanning Before Going to Mexico

If you’d like to have a sun-kissed glow before you arrive in Mexico, then a spray-tan or self-tanner is your best option.

If you go the spray-tan route, you should try to book your spray-tan for at least 48 hours before your trip. This will give you tan time to set and develop and will help to avoid washing away your tan in the water.

Another great option is self-tanner. Self-tanner is a great choice because it can be applied prior to your trip and built upon, to get a deeper, darker tan. You can even bring it with you to reapply and maintain your tan during your vacation.

black coconut love self tanner

Black Coconut Love Self Tanner

This tanning lotion is one of my favorites – I’ve been using it for years and I love the results. In addition to providing a deep, dark tan that you can build on over time, it has coconut butter and cocoa oil which keeps your skin super soft and silky.

Is the Sun Stronger In Mexico?

The sun is harsher and stronger in Mexico than what you may be used to, especially coming from North America.

In Cancun, from March to September, the UV Index averages 11, which is considered “extreme” (2).

It’s possible to get a sunburn in Mexico even when sitting in the shade due to the sun reflecting off the sand and water, so proper sun protection is essential.

What Is The Best Sunscreen for Mexico?

The best sunscreen for Mexico is an SPF50 that is reef-friendly, meaning it’s free from octinoxate & oxybenzone. I recommend Sun Bum Original.

sun bum sunscreen for mexico

Sun Bum Original Reef Safe Sunscreen

I recommend Sun Bum Original sunscreen if you’re heading to Mexico as it’s reef-safe, has a high SPF50 rating, it’s water-resistant for 60 minutes, and it’s moisturizing.

Final Thoughts

Tanning before going to Mexico will not prevent you from getting a sunburn. A better option is to get a spray tan or apply a self-tanner before your vacation and use a high-quality, SPF50 sunscreen to help avoid sunburn.



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