What to Wear After a Spray Tan: Best Wardrobe Options

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While you get spray-tanned, most professionals advise you to wear something that won’t create visible tan lines.

That all sounds good, but what about after the session? Is there any restriction on what you can wear on your way home from the salon?

If you’re wondering what to wear after a spray tan, keep reading.

What to Wear After a Spray Tan

You should wear oversized, loose, dark-colored, clothes after a spray tan.

The looser fabric will also reduce sweating, which is important as excess sweating can cause your tan to become streaky and patchy.

But the best part is that loose or oversized clothes don’t pull on the skin, which significantly helps minimize streaks and blotches.

So, how long do you need to wear loose-fitting, dark clothes?

I recommend waiting till after the first shower before jumping into jeans or tights.

#1 Recommendation

My go-to post-tanning outfit is this loose, flowy, bell-sleeve dress in black.

BELONGSCI Women’s Bell Sleeve Shift Dress


Easy to wash

Breathable fabric

Stylish and comfortable

Now that we have the basic wardrobe options down, let’s check how you can complete your look with these tips.

Go for Dark Items

While most cotton blends resist tan stains, it’s still better to stick to dark clothing items. Just to be safe.

Navy blue, black, and dark browns are all solid color options to mask any accidental spray tan stains.

Plus, if you fail to clean them right, they can be your designated post-tan outfit! The darks will be a little uneven, but it shouldn’t be too obvious.

Ditch the Shorts

You also want to consider how much skin the clothing protects. For instance, shorts will expose your thighs when you sit down, which might take away from a smooth tan.

Instead, consider a knee-length flowy dress or a skirt to air your feet nicely without creating too much friction with the fabric.

Sweat pants paired with a long sleeve cotton top are also a comfy and suitable pairing. Just make sure that the waistband isn’t too tight as it may rub against the skin and cause patches.

Avoid Tight-Fitting Undergarments

Some people prefer to ditch bras after the tanning session. That’s because the elastic bands can rub off the tan and create awkward spotting, especially if you struggle with doing it up.

You can choose to go with a comfortable sports bra, instead. Just make sure to pick an old one that you don’t mind ruining a little bit.

You might also be interested in disposable underwear if you don’t want to risk staining your good ones, however, I usually just wear an older pair that I’m not attached to!

Swap Socks and Shoes for Flip Flops

Socks and boots are generally a bad idea right after your spray tan. Any sandals or heels with straps all over the leg are also a big no-no.

On the other hand, flip-flops can minimize friction and reduce your chances of getting weird tan lines on your feet that can easily give away a fake tan!

As a plus, they’re also easy to carry with you to the salon and won’t take a lot of space in your duffle bag.

Don’t Accessorize Too Much

It can be tempting to put on some accessories to break the monotony of a simple flowy cotton outfit.

However, any chains, bands, or even rings can mess up your tan. You also don’t want to stain the leather on any valuable watch!

If you want to carry a statement piece, make it an umbrella. It can tie the look together and protect your fresh tan if it rains.

Leave Your Perfume at Home

We get that you might not be a huge fan of the scent of fake tan spray and you’ll probably want to douse yourself in your favorite perfume.

The issue here is that most perfumes, mists, and even deodorants have alcohol compounds that can streak and blotch the tan.

So, lay your hands off any scenting product till your first shower. You can stand outside for some fresh air if the chemical smell is too strong for you.

Put on Your Clothes Gently

If you still need to put on something that’s a little tight, try your best not to rub it a lot against your skin.

It could be a good idea to have someone help you with any back straps so that you don’t end up fumbling too much.

The same applies to any hooks, zippers, or seems. When you can’t avoid them, be as gentle as possible!

The Takeaway

Figuring out what to wear after a spray tan can be challenging, but the key is simplicity. It’s better to keep things basic and comfortable.

You’ll get plenty of chances to rock some outfits and show off your tan after the spray settles in.

For now, dark and loose-fitting cotton items are your safest bet!

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