How to Get Rid of Raccoon Eyes After Tanning

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If you’ve ever tanned before, then you know that raccoon eyes can be a common side effect. This happens when the skin around your eyes is lighter than the rest of your face, thanks to the compulsory tanning goggles.

Even though it’s fairly common, it’s obviously undesirable and can be embarrassing.

Keep reading to discover how to get rid of raccoon eyes after tanning!

How to Get Rid of Raccoon Eyes After Tanning

Before we dive into the ways to combat raccoon eyes from tanning, I wanted to touch on something. If you’re tempted to forgo the tanning goggles to try and avoid raccoon eyes – don’t do it.

Tanning salons are obligated by law to provide their clients with these goggles, and for good reason. Tanning beds expose your body to damaging UV rays. These rays are dangerous for your skin, but even more so for your eyes.

If you’re going to use a tanning bed, tanning goggles are essential to protect your eyes from UV rays during the tanning process.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s take a look at what you can do to get rid of those pesky (and embarrassing!) raccoon eyes.

1. Adjust Your Tanning Goggles

One of the easiest ways to avoid raccoon eyes after tanning is to adjust your tanning goggles every couple of minutes. This way, you can make sure they protect only your eyes without covering up the area beneath them.

Just remember to keep the goggles’ upper tips steady on your eyelids. Then, every few minutes, move the bottom end to minimize coverage over the skin under your eyes.

It’s worth mentioning that some goggles are strapless, some are ridge-less for a more uniform-looking tan.

If your goggles do come with straps, make sure you adjust them periodically to prevent tan lines on your temples.

2. Use a Tanning Lotion with a Bronzer

A bronzing lotion like this one from Beauty by Earth is great if you want to provide warmth and color to your skin. If you’ve got raccoon eyes, try applying a light layer of bronzing lotion on the skin below your eyes to get a more balanced, evened-out tan.

Just bear in mind that the delicate area beneath your eyes will readily absorb the tanning lotion, leaving you with dark circles around your eyes. That’s the exact opposite of what we want.

To avoid that, remember not to overdo it with the bronzer. You’ll only need less than half a pea-sized dot under each eye. Dab it on your skin and gently blend around the undereye area.

3. Apply Sunscreen with a Higher SPF On Your Face

Another simple solution that can help prevent raccoon eyes is to use two kinds of sunscreen.

Start with a general sunscreen application with a high SPF 50 on your face. Make sure you cover all the parts that won’t be covered with the goggles. Then, apply sunscreen with a lower SPF 30 on the skin beneath your eyes.

The higher SPF on your face will balance out the lower SPF underneath your eyes. Thus, your skin gets a more even-colored tone and, best of all, no tan lines around your eyes.

4. Use Disposable Eyewear

Since you’re required to wear goggles to protect your eyes, it’s worth trying these disposable Wink Ease Eye Protection.

They’ll still protect your eyes from the UV rays. However, unlike the hard, plastic eye protection usually handed to you at the tanning salon, they feature a futuristic design that helps minimize raccoon eyes, giving you the best possible tanning experience.

This disposable eyewear is cone-shaped and flexible. They’re strapless, and you set them in place using doctor-approved adhesive tape.

This design serves several purposes. First, they fit right over your eyelids, so they’re more comfortable. In addition, they provide your eyes with protection against the UV radiation emitting from the tanning bed.

At the same time, they cover less area than the goggles. Hence, you lower your chances of getting raccoon eyes.

Plus, they’re a better option for safety and hygiene. You use them one time, then throw them away.

5. Wear TV Paint Stick to Hide Your Raccoon Eyes

Did you try everything during your tanning session but still have tan lines around your eyes? Don’t panic. There’s still one more trick up our sleeves: TV Paint Stick.

TV Paint Stick is the ultimate miracle worker and will easily cover up any inconsistencies in your tan for a natural, evened-out appearance with no raccoon eyes.

Start by picking the right shade for your skin tone. Remember that the area underneath your eyes is lighter than the rest of your face – it’s similar to the skin color on the underside of the wrist.

I recommend picking a shade lighter than the foundation you would use on your face. Then gently blend the TV Paint Stick around your eye area to hide your raccoon eyes.

Bear in mind that this isn’t a permanent fix. You’ll have to keep reapplying your foundation to cover up the patchy circles for a few weeks until the tan starts to fade away.

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Hopefully, this guide on how to get rid of raccoon eyes after tanning has shed some light on the best ways to prevent and fix this common side effect.

Like most things in life, prevention is better than cure so try to avoid getting raccoon eyes in the first place by following the tips provided above. Otherwise, get your hands on some TV Paint Stick ASAP!

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