Nude Tanning – Everything You Need to Know About Tanning Naked

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You get your bikini on, relax in your tanning bed, and come with a nice, golden tan. But then you look closely, and there are annoying tanning lines. It can be a real killjoy, right?

Well, if you don’t want to see tanning lines, nude tanning is in order.

Most people prefer to tan in their bikinis because they’re either afraid of getting burned in those sensitive areas or feel self-conscious about tanning nude.

But if you want to avoid those tan lines, tanning naked is the best way to do it.

Here’s everything you need to know about tanning naked in a bed, as well as what to avoid.

Why Is Nude Tanning Recommended?

Nude tanning is recommended because of two reasons: it’s more comfortable, and it doesn’t cause tan lines. 

Let’s face it; nobody likes sitting under heat with clothes on.

Going nude makes you more comfortable, especially since bikinis stick to the body when you sweat. Needless to say, the feeling isn’t pleasant.

One more advantage of nude tanning is that you don’t see any tan lines. These can ruin your look for the summer if they’re awkwardly placed.

Not to mention, they’re a real pain to get rid of. Nude tanning solves that for you because it reaches all the areas of your body.

brunette woman laying in tanning bed wearing black bikini

What Are the Downsides of Nude Tanning?

As with everything, nude tanning comes with its downsides. It’s up to you to decide if you can deal with them.

For one, nude tanning reaches vulnerable areas, which may get burnt under intense heat.

For example, your breasts and genitals are the least parts of your body to get exposed to the sun. Sometimes, they don’t get exposed at all.

That makes them more vulnerable to UV rays, and they may show burns at low-intensity heat.

If your body naturally burns at the least heat, it’s better to steer clear of nude tanning

Are Tanning Beds Safe?

Tanning beds are only safe if you know how to use them. People frequently get burns and similar injuries because they increase the intensity and underestimate the effects.

On top of that, some people mention that tanning beds cause stretch marks to be more noticeable.

Other than that, tanning beds have the same safety concerns as tanning in the sun.

There’s a chance of developing skin cancer from the UV rays of tanning beds. Additionally, tanning too much may cause the skin to wrinkle or age prematurely.

woman with tan legs sitting on brown chair

Where Can You Enjoy Nude Tanning in an Indoor Bed?

If you’re asking that question, you probably don’t have your own tanning bed, so your only solution is a tanning salon.

Not all salons offer nude tanning, so you’ll have to check with them first. You can also check your local spa and gym, and they may have indoor tanning facilities.

If they allow nude tanning, they’ll offer you a full room so that you can have privacy. However, bear in mind that they’ll likely charge you more because you’ll need a whole room alone. 

Can You Do Nude Tanning Without a Bed?

Although many people use them, tanning beds are still dangerous. In fact, they’re often deemed as the least recommended ways for tanning because of safety concerns.

Some people even believe that they cause tanning bed addiction.

If you don’t want to nude-tan in a bed, you can always use a self-tanner.

These creams or mousses are straightforward to use.

You apply them to your skin, leave them for some hours, and wash your skin. Of course, the steps vary according to the brand you have.

After you do these steps, your body gains a gorgeous, sunkissed glow. That way, you can have full nude tanning without using a tanning bed or having to get a spray tan.

Another option is either a spray tanning booth or an airbrush tan. These are both much safer options than a tanning bed, but a stranger will see you naked, which not all people will be comfortable with.

Of course, self-tanners have some downsides. For example, you’ll have to make some effort to get the cream everywhere on your body. On top of that, there’s always the possibility of uneven tanning.

That shouldn’t be a problem if you choose the suitable tanning cream, though. 

Sunless tanners are still the easiest, safest way to get full nude tanning with no noticeable lines.

You can even tan under the sun normally with your bikini on, then go home and apply the tanner on the un-tanned areas to even out the color.

What’s the Best Self Tanner for Nude Tanning?

The St. Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse is one of the best options on the market for a lot of reasons.

For one, it has a lightweight formula that’s excellent for sensitive and dry skin. It doesn’t stick to your skin or leave a greasy feel behind, which is a bonus.

On top of that, it has a long-lasting effect, sometimes lasting on your skin for ten days.

It’s good news if you don’t want to apply self-tanner every day to get results.

Aside from that, the St. Tropez tanner is also hydrating because it contains Jojoba oil, known for leaving a glowy feel on the skin.

The manufacturers recommend that you apply the St. Tropez self-tanner using their Luxe Tan Mitt.

However, you can use any other tanning mitt, and it’ll still give good results.

St Tropez Self Tan Classic

St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse Classic

 ✅ Great for sensitive and dry skin

✅ Doesn’t feel greasy or sticky

✅ Provides a long-lasting tan

✅ Contains hydrating jojoba oil

To use the mousse, follow these steps:

  1. Do a full-body exfoliation and apply a moisturizing lotion
  2. Target all the dry areas, including your feet and ankles
  3. Apply the St. Tropez self-tanner to your mitt, and start rubbing it on your body in a circular motion
  4. Make sure not to miss a patch to avoid an uneven tan
  5. Leave the mousse on your body for 4–8 hours
  6. Only leave it for four hours if you want a light tan and eight hours if you want a dark shade
  7. Shower and rinse the mousse off your body
  8. Wait for some hours, and the tan will appear
  9. If you want a darker shade, apply another layer and repeat the steps

Can You Do Nude Tanning Without Getting Naked?

Believe it or not, you can do nude tanning without getting naked.

How do you do that? Use a tan-through swimsuit.

Tan-through bikinis are designed to let the sun and heat in, so the covered areas get tanned as well.

Depending on the material’s thickness, they may not get as dark as the exposed areas, but they’ll still get tanned.

You can always try a tan-through swimsuit like this one if you want to tan in the sun without getting naked and without suffering from tan lines.

How to Protect Your Skin While Nude Tanning

If it’s your first-time nude tanning, or your skin is sensitive, and you’re prone to burns, you need to apply sunscreen first.

Although indoor tanning doesn’t include sun rays, it’s still harmful, and it may still burn your skin.

Try to use a sunblock that’s at least SPF30, and make sure it’s suitable for indoor tanning.

Some people prefer to tan without sunscreen, seeing as they’re not under the sun. However, that’s never a good idea.

The Takeaway

If you choose to use a tanning bed, nude tanning is the best way to avoid tan lines and get an even overall tan.

However, you are exposing yourself to potential sunburn and increasing your chance of skin cancer and premature aging.

If you want a safer way to get a gorgeous, glowing tan without tan lines, then try a self-tanning lotion or mousse, a spray tan, or an airbrush tan.

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